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I wrote for Elle & Co!!

Image courtesy of Elle & Co.

Image courtesy of Elle & Co.

In short news, my article about adding a privacy policy to your website is live on Elle & Co.!

In longer news, there's nothing that irks me more than when I subscribe to someone's newsletter, and they're all about the content at first, and slowly, they act like they're starting to wean you off of it in favor of a cool idea + fluff. Nope, not my style. I'm not going to waste my readers' time like that- you have invested too much in me if you choose to go all in and join my newsletter. Like my blog, you are going to get my all (and then some, because you subscribed!) I tell you all this because I'm featured on one of my favorite blogs, and it is notorious for its no-holds-barred content.

Elle & Co. is one of my favorite blogs and Lauren Hooker (the Elle) is a true role model of mine. I've never met her, but I love her content. She doesn't hold anything back. Seriously, if you can't afford an e-course on business, you should be visiting Lauren's blog. While she hasn't covered everything (yet), she has covered a lot and it is all high-quality, well-vetted content. (And no, I'm not just saying that because I wrote there- trust me, I'm honored!!!) Lauren (and her sweetie Jake) take the time to curate posts their readers will (1) love and (2) learn from. Her website is a great free resource which is why I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir a little bit here!

Anyway, I'm totally psyched to write for Elle & Co. That is all.

I Wrote for Elle & Company! featured-on-elle-co-collaborative-blog

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