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6 Reasons Why I Moved from Wordpress to Squarespace

1. I got really clear on my mission in life.

Over the past two years, I have ventured into entrepreneurship and navigated these muddy waters, some days better than others. However, the muck has started to clear as I've gotten laser focused on my mission, which in turn has helped me to find my target friends. (I don't like to call them clients/audience, it just makes me feel icky...) These target friends are not the kind of ladies who enjoy anything less than a fantastic user experience. It was stressing me out when things on my site weren't functioning well. My Wordpress site gave visitors a less than favorable impression of the work I had tried so hard to cultivate and offer to these friends, and ultimately, I needed a more beautiful way to fulfill my mission. Squarespace offered the perfect solution where Worpress fell short.

2. I completely changed the trajectory of my business.

In 2013, I had the crazy idea that I'd make a living teaching private yoga. That was something I just couldn't make happen, not for lack of ambition, but for lack of passion. It turns out, I really, really love yoga, and I love teaching, but I actually REALLY, REALLY love the business and development side of running a small business (I know, I know, you have permission to give me a knock on the arm when we meet one day.) Going from blogger/private yoga teacher, I was going to need more than a few little changes. Since I've gotten quite good at building a website in a day lately, I figured I'd just start from scratch. And since everything was changing, I made sure everything changed.

3. Mobile viewers were having a terrible experience with my old site.

The most frustrating thing about my Wordpress site was my inability to figure out those gosh darn mobile sites. First I had a custom site, which was just a mini version on mobile with nothing changed. Then, for a hot minute, I switched my site to a ProPhoto template which I thought would help with visitors' mobile experience. You can't hear it but I just made an audible buzzer noise. Wrong. Prophoto 5 just isn't as simple and beautiful feeling as I want for my visitors. However, Squarespace automatically optimizes sites for mobile. Ta-dah, an instantly awesome mobile site without all the headaches of plugins and CSS changes.

4. Wordpress was getting too mix-and-matchy for me.

I'm pretty proud of how far I've come with Wordpress. I know how to do pretty much everything now except for write code from scratch. In fact, one of the reasons I held on to Wordpress for so long was because I knew so much about it. It gave me a sense of superiority that I knew how to do something that (1) I once thought would be impossible for me to learn, and (2) that not many other people could do. In Christinaland, I felt like 'caving' to Squarespace would me regressing in what I had learned. Squarespace seemed like a cop-out until I thought, "Who cares? Who cares if Squarespace has leveled the website playing field? Who cares if I know about plugins and html and Akismet if my website looks awful?"

Ultimately, I might know a lot about plugins and how to make them work (trust me, they still kick my butt), but who cares? I don't want to have to deal with 20+ plugins on the back end that constantly need updating, or don't work on mobile, or I have to pay for every year. It was just too much for me to keep up with all the plugins I was using, what the newest plugins for my problems were and what other plugins worked better, mep, mep, mep.

5. Less is more.

Wordpress is like Walmart and Squarespace is like Target- you can shop at Walmart for slightly less money, find an even greater selection of stuff (read: plugins) and it's been around longer. But Target/Squarespace has really hit it out of the park with creating a great customer experience. Target/Squarespace has a brighter feel, is cleaner and simpler to visit and generally more beautiful and inviting. While Squarespace may not have all the mix-and-match plugins to fully customize your site as Wordpress does, it certainly has more than enough for the average business owner and for the ones it's lacking, you can just create branded content on a different platform (e.g. for online courses and such.)

6. Sometimes bandwagons are there to pull you along.

For a long time, I resisted switching to Squarespace. "It will be too much work to transfer my posts!" I said. "Everyone's doing it, it's just a fad!" I said. "The designs all look really boring and similar," I said. But here I am, happier than ever with the way my hard work is displayed online on my new, shiny Squarespace install. It's thrilling to have your work presented to your friends in such a straightforward and beautiful way. Sometimes there are bandwagons that aren't just fads. It took me a long time to realize there were certain creatives I looked up to as role models, and all of them had switched to Squarespace. Now that I've made the leap, I'm confident Squarespace is more than a fad- it's a movement- and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Reasons why I Moved from Wordpress to Squarespace.

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