Turnkey Business Binder

Turnkey Business Binder



For the first time ever, you can get your business organized, started and profitable in a matter of days, not months. This is the ONLY product designed to create a done-for-you business plan that includes not only a roadmap for your business, but the reassurance that you’ve set it up correctly.

This is my exact system and binder I use for every company I start so I can stay on top of things from the very beginning. This binder is your turn-key solution for a business that makes money and puts you on top of your industry by giving you the space and prompts you need for the BEST business ever, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

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  • Printable pages you can punch holes in and put right into a binder. These pages tell you exactly what to put and where. No more guessing what corporate documents you need to be official and legal, it’s all here.

  • A practical insider’s guide to running a business, from someone who has started three businesses: a successful law firm, an online digital products company and a podcast with a partner.

  • A guide to all the legal documents you could possibly need to prepare your business for any situation you face as a creative entrepreneur.

  • Workbook-style prompts to keep you on track to not just meet goals, but create profit margins in your business (even if you have NO idea what you’re doing yet)

  • A business plan that doesn’t suck... in fact, it’s actually really fun. One of the reasons we don’t make any money and have to stay stuck in a job that pays for our business is because we don’t know how to price our offerings or make money once we get out there. Screw that- let’s get you to a place where you can do what you want to in your business.

  • Space for your business dreams, right next to my system for making each one a reality. Goals and dreams are nice, but it’s better when they actually happen. The 9-5 rat race will hate you, but it’s time to make your coworkers jealous with a thriving business you actually enjoy waking up to.

  • An evergreen planner that can be replaced when it’s all full, so it only matters that you DO get started, not when.

  • A video tutorial showing you how my exact binder is set up, and how I know where everything important is located at a moment's notice.

Your successful creative business is inside- don’t miss out!